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Carrying a Question

Good Day, Bright Spirit! How are you honoring the waning of the Dark?  What is a question you carry in your heart as you cross the threshold from this year to the next? I asked the Tarot, What is a message we all need to hear? and the *Page of Pentacles* arrived with this: Your […]

Winter Solstice

As we welcome Light’s Return, we move slowly, gently. We’ve been moving through the Shadows of our souls and are ready now to hibernate on what we’ve gleaned through the journey. This is not a mental process. This is a slow, sensuous, highly tuned feeling endeavor. Consider: 1. As you return from the Otherworld, what […]

PQ and Stress

Wow – talk about a time warp! I’ve been deep in the final days of my Shadow journey, ready to cross the threshold between the sacred powers of the Ancient and the hopeful potential of the New at Solstice. I’ve missed you here and think of you often ❤️  I hope your Shadow journey has […]

Positive Intelligence Practice: Integrity

Today I’m going to celebrate the 30 year work anniversary (and still going strong!) of my former boss and colleague, who remains, hands-down, the best leader I’ve ever had the privilege to work with. At a time when our world seems to be oddly chugging along despite the enormous and persistent health, social and environmental […]

Moon Magic: The Void of the Void

Today we are in the heart of the Void – the final Dark Moon in the Season of Shadows. The void in the void. What’s that like for you? Finding words for this liminal space – this betwixt-and-between – can be challenging. If this is true for you, your job is to sit in active, […]

Middle of the Void

We’ve crossed the halfway point of this Season of the Void – and if you’ve been experiencing some intensity on your journey through the shadows, today is a good day to pause on your path, drink some water, and tend to your heart. How is your energy distributed – through your body, with your people, […]

Celebration/Commemoration: Embracing Complexity

On this American Thanksgiving Day, I’m thinking about all the ways our amazing brains hold complexity, even paradox. We can let go of the need to fix ourselves while continuing to evolve. We can feel deep joy and great sorrow. We can be grateful and accountable. We embody shadows and light. Here are 5 ways […]

Empathy Starts with Me

The holiday season is a great opportunity to center and/or resurrect your mental fitness practice. Whether you’re in the physical company of others, have virtual gatherings, or spend time in solitude, odds are good that you’ll encounter some great Teachers that help remind you why you practice in the first place 😉 Explore what it […]

Being-With as an Antidote to Unworthiness

I’ve been moving through the shadows of last week’s powerfully beautiful Lunar Eclipse, many times thinking about you only to find myself pulled back under the tides of the silent mysteries. Words were few but heart and spirit were with you, strong.  For today: how are you tending to your sense of worthiness? The Scorpio/Taurus eclipse […]

(more) Taurus Full Moon Journal Prompts

Did you see the eclipse last night? Thanks to my insomnia, I had a great view of the fullest moment, when the Moon looked like a tiny crescent, and then an hour later when it looked less familiar like a little chomp was removed from the lower right corner. Eerie. And beautiful.  I love moments […]

Eclipse Energy and the Heart of the Void

We’re approaching the heart of this Season of the Void and I’m wondering how you’re doing with the challenging energies that mark this time. What discomfort might you be holding? How are you caring for yourself through it all? Both Magical and Mental Fitness practices serve us especially well right now. We learn to be […]

Structures and Practice

The overlaps between a magical practice, a foundation in mental fitness, and a commitment to live in congruence with one’s values are becoming more and more obvious to me with each passing day. In my own life, I’m starting to shift from acquiring tactics to fortifying and/or reassembling the internal structures that enable proactive and […]

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