(more) Taurus Full Moon Journal Prompts


Posted November 19th, 2021

Did you see the eclipse last night? Thanks to my insomnia, I had a great view of the fullest moment, when the Moon looked like a tiny crescent, and then an hour later when it looked less familiar like a little chomp was removed from the lower right corner. Eerie. And beautiful. 

I love moments that set me right with my placement in the universe.

Here are a few tips for your Moon Journaling practice:

1. Review what you wished for at the Taurus New Moon on May 11, 2021. Write about any connections you might be experiencing now. You may have focused on themes of your own self-worth. For some damn reason, I included an intention for “The ability and energy to choose my Evolutionary Path over the comfort of what’s familiar.” And here I am. This practice really does work! ha ha boo ha

2. Listen with all of your senses. Quiet the buzz and listen sharply for what’s underneath. Observe how and what You are doing now, in this moment, and reflect on what you see. Feel the feelings that are active in you now – where are they located? How would you describe the sensations – warm, prickly, heavy, light, etc? What are you savoring? What scents are part of your environment, and what do they evoke? Write about what you learn.

3. I’m learning a bit about Sabian Symbols, metaphors that are associated with the degrees of the zodiac. This Full Moon is in 27° Taurus and the correlating Sabian symbol is “A woman, past her ‘change of life’, experiences new love.” This is revolutionary. Whether you are literally in your Crone years or not, where might you be saying “I’m too old for that” even though you might miss and want “that” again? What aspect of your life is longing for new love?

We have entered the Taurus-Scorpio eclipse portal, through the Summer of 2023. The themes of these signs and how activated they are in your birth chart will be the focus of both deep emotional work and impactful identity shifts for the next 1 1/2 – 2 years.

Sending love and blessings as we evolve and cycle through the Void,


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