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Build Your Positive Intelligence! Mental Fitness 7-Week Challenge

Monday, October 25 • $995 • Zoom. Details with registration.

Join me for a Mental Fitness deep dive and face your sabotaging behaviors with the skill and clarity of your wisest Self! Based on the book, Positive Intelligence, by Shirzad Chamine, a mental fitness practice helps you mitigate the negativity bias that we all have and reconnect with your sage powers. Read more about the program here. 7 week […]

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The following workshops and experiences have been shared with participants across the country! Do you have a group that’s looking to explore values and meaning by maximizing strengths and deepening skill? Request a workshop to learn more about how we can make magic happen.

Words and Stars

Using the cycles of nature for sustainable self-care. Astrology can be a wonderful tool to re-tell yourself stories about yourself through a gentle, poetic lens.

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Mind Magic Monthlies

Monday, October 18 • 5:30 - 7:00 pm • $20

Our mental fitness practice is just that – a practice to build the mental muscles that keep us connected to our strongest inner resources. When we align with our values, build self-compassion and empathy, and embrace paradox, we strengthen our resilience and position ourselves well to take clear-headed action. In these sessions, we’ll (re)-familiarize ourselves […]

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Navigate your life by the Moon and Stars.

Free monthly prompts and meditations to support you on your Path, based on the seasons and the cycles of the Moon.

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