tarot + astrology coaching + magic

Find your magic! I focus these coaching sessions exclusively on tarot and astrology.

Living an integrated, authentic, purpose-centered life means –

finding ways to feel connected, inspired, even guided throughout your day.

How you define this is unique to you. If you’re longing for more than just “professional development,” let’s explore some alternative paths to your personal leadership and transformation. This can be especially powerful work for those edging up to, in the middle of, and/or recovering from burnout.

Coaching for the Explorer

New Moon Package

Interested in exploring new territory? Whether you want to map and discover the possibilities or deepen and sustain the momentum, this coaching is for those interested in walking a path of magic and fulfillment.

  • one 2-hour discovery session plus three 75-minute coaching sessions
  • email and phone support
  • access to the Light & Shadows Learning Lab
  • access to 6-week Mental Fitness Training Program

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Coaching with Astrology & Tarot

Star Discovery Session

Discover your Evolutionary Path through the metaphors and poetry of stars and archetypes. Shine a light on your life path as it was written in the stars at the time of your birth, or see what the cards and transiting planets have in store for you now. As always, these tools provide the map; you choose how you wish to navigate by this map. Free will reigns, and your intuition is our truest guide.

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Navigate your life by the Moon and Stars.

Free monthly prompts and meditations to support you on your Path, based on the seasons and the cycles of the Moon.

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