Middle of the Void


Posted November 28th, 2021

We’ve crossed the halfway point of this Season of the Void – and if you’ve been experiencing some intensity on your journey through the shadows, today is a good day to pause on your path, drink some water, and tend to your heart. How is your energy distributed – through your body, with your people, in your world? Which of your values are you most aware of, and how are they informing your actions? Which values need more of your attention? Today is a good day to re-calibrate.

Next weekend’s total Solar Eclipse-the last in the Gemini/Sagittarius eclipse series- will expose the truth. This will likely happen in a social context, calling for your authenticity and humility, your curiosity and engagement. Setting clear intentions around your quest for truth, your positive intelligence, and your peace of mind are great ways to take advantage of this potent time.

If you’ve been exploring the shadows since Samhain, this is a time when you may encounter any residual excess that no longer serves your journey. A Last Call for shedding light on the burdens that you can now release in service of your highest good and greatest joy. Where are you feeling too much of something? While New Moons are about inviting in new energy, Solar Eclipses first bring to light that which needs to change so we can bless, release and create anew.


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