I’m Lisa

a magical realist, an aspiring black belt in mental fitness, someone who relies on both data and intuition to navigate the world.

Don’t get me wrong –

I like practical tools

science-based approaches, and concrete results. I also believe that “magic” is the ability to work with energy and intention to get those results.

I believe we all have magic within us.

It’s most accessible when we slow down, connect with the seasons, observe the cycles of Nature and the moon and stars, and listen to that still, small voice within. Sometimes it takes time and patience to get through the noise. And through change and uncertainty, we need guidestars, courage, and support to embrace our whole selves – not just the love and Light but also what lies in the Shadows.

Which can be uncomfortable. And also amazing. 

My life purpose is to lovingly guide others – and fearlessly explore my own – through their – Light and Shadows. This includes seeing the wisdom in the messiness and recognizing our inherent strengths. Both setting concrete goals and developing an intentional way to work with our energetic intelligence. I rely on a variety of coaching tools designed to clarify values, create vision with short- medium- and long-term goals, and identify key saboteurs and allies that join you on your path. Together, we build your mental fitness, your positive intelligence based on your inner wisdom. We can also navigate your path by observing by the cycles of the moon and stars, using archetypal information in tarot and astrology as keys to unlock your own enlightened intuition. 

Astrology is a great tool to assess personality, strengths and life path. Tarot is also an option. We’re already telling ourselves stories about ourselves and our lives. These tools propose alternatives, new ways of seeing old patterns and thinking about current and future possibilities. 

Add journal-writing to the mix and we have all that we need to reveal the next steps on your journey to unfolding fulfillment.

I have spent nearly 3 decades in the nonprofit sector, working with survivors of domestic violence and supporting teachers, clinicians and parents in providing comprehensive sex education to young people. I’m practical. I like results. I believe in equity, peace, our interconnectedness, and justice for all. And I also value beauty, energetic connection and daily doses of awe

I don’t want you to suffer from burnout (like I did), hide your gifts, or feel alone in the world. I want you to shine however you are called forth to shine.

So whether you’re in a life transition, a professional redesign, or you just want to reignite your spark, it’s time to emerge/re-emerge into the brilliant life that has been seeking you. I have a Bachelor’s degree from Smith College and a Master’s in Organizational Leadership from Regis University. I have served as a nonprofit leader, trainer, and team builder for over for 30 years. I’m also a writer and sacred artist. I believe in social justice, the good of the whole, magical realism, and the imperative to love what you do as the path to greatest service. I am a Certified Co-Active Coach and a Mental Fitness coach, as well as a certified Journal to the Self® instructor, a certified Executive Coach, a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), an Iyengar yoga student (lifelong!), and a Reiki Practitioner. I align my life with a reverence for Nature, the Moon and Stars, science, justice and the cycles of the Seasons.

I look forward to meeting you on your journey!

Let’s explore your options.

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