Structures and Practice


Posted November 16th, 2021

The overlaps between a magical practice, a foundation in mental fitness, and a commitment to live in congruence with one’s values are becoming more and more obvious to me with each passing day. In my own life, I’m starting to shift from acquiring tactics to fortifying and/or reassembling the internal structures that enable proactive and creative responses to the challenges we face.

This means that when I hit a depressive slump (like I did last weekend), I remember that at Samhain I intentionally stepped into this dropping-off season and my own Shadow Journey, which by definition was going to put me face-to-face with the hard stuff. I trust that even the tiniest spark of light will return at Yule. I rely on the enduring structure of nature-based magic.

This means that when I use the Sage perspective and look for gifts, I take nothing for granted, and I especially don’t see the good in my life as an entitlement. On any level. As Jeremy Adam Smith wrote in the Greater Good magazine, “entitlement is the opposite of gratitude.” I rely on the enduring structure of a mental fitness practice, tracking on saboteur activity, strengthening the Sage, and doing my daily mindfulness practices.

This means that when I’m in environments that don’t foster a sense of connectedness, amusement, and belonging, three of my core values, I do what I can to change the environment and if that doesn’t work, I make plans to find a more affirming environment. I rely on the enduring structures of self-inquiry and self-care, getting to know my own internal ‘structures’ as they show up in my values, strengths, and dreams. 

We approach our magical and inner work as a “practice”- and include those days when we just don’t wanna – because that practice will be there for us when we need it most. Magic, Mindfulness, and Self-Discovery all make up the scaffolding, the internal structure, that uplifts everything else. 

Today, use some blameless discernment (ie no judgment!) to evaluate whatever you do as a “practice,” and how the structures you’ve created in your life are there for you. How are they working for you? What are they asking of you today?


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