Lisa Olcese

co-active professional coaching

Fulfilling work and job satisfaction leads to low turnover, high productivity and creative innovation.


We are not merely our roles.

We are messy, creative, beautiful humans.

We long to share our magic and make some sort of impact on the world. This could include staking your claim on a fulfilling career, exploring possibilities in a new – or existing – relationship, adventuring out on a resonant life transition…whatever crossroads you may be at on your journey through life, Co-Active Coaching starts with the premise that you are naturally creative, resourceful and whole.

From here, we navigate toward your unique True North.

We’ll actively create a plan that will help you:

Magic optional! Astrology and Tarot offer maps and symbols to explore the terrain of our lives. We’re always telling ourselves stories about our lives – why not explore some new chapters? Through metaphor and symbols, guided mindfulness and journal writing, we find practical ways to embrace both our Light and our Shadows, and the mysteries that surround us. Think of it as infusing poetry and art, beauty and nature into your practical, no-nonsense toolkit.

Coaching Opportunities

Start with Intention

New Moon Package

Interested in exploring new territory? This is coaching for those interested in starting or sustaining the path to fulfillment.

  • one 75-minute session month x 3 months
  • email support x 3 months
  • option to renew month-to-month
  • Open to new clients in Summer 2021.

inquire about a New Moon 3-month package

Sample Session

Shooting Star Session

Schedule a free 30-minute session to see if coaching is a fit for you. Open to new clients in Summer 2021.

inquire about a Shooting Star session

Navigate your life by the Moon and Stars.

Free monthly prompts and meditations to support you on your Path, based on the seasons and the cycles of the Moon.

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