Positive Intelligence Practice: Integrity


Posted December 5th, 2021

Today I’m going to celebrate the 30 year work anniversary (and still going strong!) of my former boss and colleague, who remains, hands-down, the best leader I’ve ever had the privilege to work with. At a time when our world seems to be oddly chugging along despite the enormous and persistent health, social and environmental upheavals, I hold her as an exemplar of integrity, like a small but powerful beacon in a ravaging storm. She is not immune to the impacts of the hard stuff – she just has the ability to ride the waves of change in ways that I still aspire to.

Danny Meyer, a business leader in New York’s restaurant sector, defines integrity as “having the judgment to do the right thing, even when no one else is looking, even when it may not be in your own self-interest.”

I would add, “…even when it doesn’t feel easy and you’d rather crawl back into bed and pull the covers over your head.”

Integrity is acting in a wholehearted, integrated way with our values. We don’t sell ourselves out or sell ourselves short. Our judgment to do the right thing comes from using our values as our compass, not as a convenient set of excuses to use as an opt-out when something feels hard. 

Our values live with our Sage and as such, so does our integrity.

Today, reconnect with your integrity, that which makes you integrated and whole. Visit with your Sage and review your core values. Ask them to help you remember the 3-5 non-negotiables (your values) that guide your life. Then make a commitment to embodying at least one of your values each day this week. 

I like the Value-A-Day technique, where I write my core value – let’s say “LOVE” – in big letters and have it up all day. Then I ask, “What would Love do? What would Love say? What would Love look like right now?” You can do the same with any value – humor, grace, curiosity, forgiveness, play…experiment!

The uncertainty of life will persist and continue to call us In, again and again. Lean on your inner Sage to hold steady through the storm and surf the waters of change.


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