Winter Solstice


Posted December 21st, 2021

As we welcome Light’s Return, we move slowly, gently. We’ve been moving through the Shadows of our souls and are ready now to hibernate on what we’ve gleaned through the journey. This is not a mental process. This is a slow, sensuous, highly tuned feeling endeavor. Consider:

1. As you return from the Otherworld, what mysteries did you encounter? Write, paint or dance it out. Know that you can always return to the Shadows, with intention, to meet your loving Guides that reside there.

2. Savor one piece of fruit, chocolate or other tasty morsel with all your senses. Look at it before you put it in your mouth. Feel its texture. What does it smell like? As you place it in your mouth and begin to enjoy it, slowly, carefully, how does this sound to you? Finally, let it linger in your mouth for just a moment more, and notice what else lights up in your body as you taste the complexity of flavors in this one little bite.

3. What feels good in your body right now, and how might this sustain you through the Winter months?

4. Pay careful attention to daydreams and night dreams. Who/what is coming to you?

The Night Sky in all its abundance at this time of the year is calling us to look up, gaze, wonder…these are the delights we can find at the Winter Solstice and throughout the season.

Blessings to you, xo

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