Eclipse Energy and the Heart of the Void


Posted November 18th, 2021

We’re approaching the heart of this Season of the Void and I’m wondering how you’re doing with the challenging energies that mark this time. What discomfort might you be holding? How are you caring for yourself through it all?

Both Magical and Mental Fitness practices serve us especially well right now. We learn to be both the Embodied and the Witness, and we’re reminded that “practice” can be as simple as tethering our self-reflections to the cycles of the Moon, and/or the momentary sensory-based mindfulness practices that help us quiet our minds and listen more closely to the wisdom of our spirits.

The deep partial lunar eclipse in the nature-loving sign of Taurus will be at its peak tomorrow morning at around 2am/MST, 1am/PST. You’ll be able to see the creeping shadow across the Moon a few hours before and after this time. Eclipses bring change, and lunar eclipses tend to reveal some deep emotional truths that have been just outside our awareness. Taurus governs our values, our possessions, and our relationship to pleasure, so these themes may inform what it is we discover.

How do you prepare for the unexpected? What’s it like to sit with uncertainty? When you feel fear, what gives you courage? As we move through the Void with this powerful lunation that occurs almost smack-dab in the middle of our Shadow Journey, we are reminded to root into our bodies and let our thinking-minds drift to the side. 

We reconnect with our own True Nature.

The Tarot card I drew while thinking about the best supports for us during this Full Moon (and after I just wrote what you’ve read so far) was none other than The Empress herself! The Empress is ruled by Venus, which is also the planetary ruler of Taurus (xoxo). She reminds us that Pleasure is a sacred aspect of life and not an optional add-on. Her arrival at this particular time urges us to stay open and receptive to our creativity even as we continue our descent into the Shadows. There’s beauty and grace in the Letting Go of this season. The Empress wants to make sure we don’t forget this.

Holding so much love for you as we move through this shadowy Void in our own ways + together,


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