Empathy Starts with Me


Posted November 24th, 2021

The holiday season is a great opportunity to center and/or resurrect your mental fitness practice. Whether you’re in the physical company of others, have virtual gatherings, or spend time in solitude, odds are good that you’ll encounter some great Teachers that help remind you why you practice in the first place 😉

Explore what it feels like to reconnect with the Sage Power of Empathy. Get in touch with your own beautiful essence, the one that shines through in that childhood picture you chose during your Mental Fitness journey. Start the day with some sweet words to this part of yourself. Recall your “I am…” statement, or perhaps allow a new one to emerge. Let that be your mantra and let that mantra fill you up with a lovely golden light that emanates from your whole being, through your eyes, hands, ears…decide how you’d like to carry this with you into your day.

When I did this activity this morning, *I Am Play & Joy* came back to me, and I realized that I don’t need anyone else to bring this to me because it’s already in me. The apprehension I felt about the holiday dissipated in a surprising (and mostly nonverbal) way. I released a little mostly-unconscious expectation I put out there and in so doing, felt like my own energetic boundaries got stronger.  


Focusing on our own true essence also helps us experience and recognize this essence more readily in others. If you wish, first solidify your connection to yourself and then carry an intention to truly *see* this essence in another/others (especially those that might trigger you). While it’s true that our saboteurs can activate and get activated by others’ saboteurs, so too can our Sage selves serve as emotional contagions. Stay connected with your inner essence and notice what emerges – and maybe even spreads – as you interact with others. 


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