Carrying a Question


Posted December 23rd, 2021

Good Day, Bright Spirit!

How are you honoring the waning of the Dark? 

What is a question you carry in your heart as you cross the threshold from this year to the next?

I asked the Tarot, What is a message we all need to hear? and the *Page of Pentacles* arrived with this: Your own light comes in your darkest hour. This Page invites us to root firmly in our bodies, to love ourselves as-is, and start with the deepest self-compassion we can muster. 

For me, that means moving from “I guess this is what I look like now” to “Wow! even with these tiny (or big) aches and pains, I still want to dance!” and “I really love and appreciate you, Body. Thank you.”

The Page of Pentacles is very practical. How can we prepare for upcoming transformations? What daily preparations do we need to do to create the most fertile soil for the seeds of our creativity? If time framing works for you, consider that a spark will really ignite more fully at the cross-quarter holiday of Imbolc on February 2. A fire holiday, we celebrate our creativity and all the ways it sustains us through Winter’s mid-point.

There’s some turbulence in the stars right now, through the holiday weekend. I’m confident that you know how to navigate, and just like when an airplane hits an air pocket, the bumps are temporary and will pass. Carry the Page of Pentacles in your heart as a reminder that your light is shining, even when you forget, and that you deserve to be happy and in surroundings that feed your soul.

Happy Eve of an Eve!


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