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Leadership Coaching

Lisa provides direct, tailored guidance that has a unique way of getting you on the right path that you didn't know you needed to be on. I feel I've learned more about myself, my skills, and how to use that information to take the next strategic steps to achieve personal and professional goals. Lisa is encouraging, thoughtful, insightful, and supportive, a real joy to know and work with!

Mary C – Member of the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network

I had never experienced the level of growth and development that can be reached in the workplace until I had the opportunity to work under Lisa’s leadership. Being one of the greatest motivational leaders and coaches I have ever met, Lisa inspired me to perform to the best of my ability. Her endless commitment to coaching and staff development using a wide variety of strengths-based assessments completely transformed the way that I communicate within the workplace, resolve conflict and generally approach my work. Lisa is masterful at identifying gaps across disciplines, building rapport, and bringing people together to achieve shared goals and vision. Whether it’s in the context of strategic planning or establishing partnerships with a variety of stakeholders, Lisa has successfully done it. If you have the opportunity to work with Lisa in any capacity, you and/or your organization will benefit immensely.

Holly C – Nonprofit Director

Lisa is the type of leader that not only inspires others to do their best work but inspires us to be better communicators, better leaders, better people. She shares tools and strategies to manage internal conflicts, to recognize and enhance our own skills, and to build rapport among diverse partners - including those who had previously been unable to find common ground. Lisa finds ways to make everyone feel united in a common cause. She is strategic, innovative, creative, thoughtful and bold. I feel so fortunate to have worked with her and learned from her over the years.

Stefanie W – Nonprofit Director

All the tools you used in our [coaching] session were great. I appreciate your responsiveness, too, as we explored these tools. My biggest takeaway is committing to removing "should" from my vocabulary. A gift. Felt special. Thank you!

Amy E, PhD – Community Psychologist

What worked best for me was visualizing my block. Also, knowing what all comes with it was essential to my ‘ah ha!’ around myself. It truly was a magical insight. Thank you! I look forward to more sessions with you!

David M – Aerospace Engineer

[Our private session] was a really fantastic consult, and it was truly amazing to see your passion shine through so much. After having worked on these tools with you intermittently throughout the last 4-5 years, it was so fun and impactful to see how well you tied it all together into a single session. 

Becca B – Nonprofit Director

Training and Workshops

Lisa’s knowledge of journal writing, meditation, tarot cards, magic, etc., is extensive and impressive. She asks knowledgeable questions that make you think deeper than you thought you could. Lisa’s listening skills are above the rest. She has a way of communicating that lets you know she heard you and she wants to know more. Your spirit will feel lighter after a session with Lisa – not too many people can do that.

Marlene P – Association Administrator

I learned something new: ‘emotional granularity’…having more descriptors helped to break the challenging emotions up a bit. And I appreciated the follow-up and ongoing coaching around what we discussed [in our sessions]. I can look over this information and review what we talked about – very helpful.

Wendy C – Jewelry Artist

I like the tools you shared – they provided concrete guidance and also gave room for my own creativity to emerge. Your line of questioning that began our meeting helped me to articulate my thoughts in a way that was very helpful!

Bonnie M – Evaluator and Grad Student

You provided a great overview of essential oils and how they can promote well-being. I liked the “lab” and meditations the most. Very interested in following up with an individual consult for health.

Alyse D, MBA – Global Sustainability Consultant

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