Being-With as an Antidote to Unworthiness


Posted November 23rd, 2021

I’ve been moving through the shadows of last week’s powerfully beautiful Lunar Eclipse, many times thinking about you only to find myself pulled back under the tides of the silent mysteries. Words were few but heart and spirit were with you, strong. 

For today: how are you tending to your sense of worthiness?

The Scorpio/Taurus eclipse axis, which we’ll experience for a long time, brings the opportunity to face themes of worthiness, pleasure, and fearless self-discovery. When we work with the cycles of nature – in this case, the Letting Go of November and the New Beginnings of May – we can experience what it’s like to feel in and out of sync with ourselves, and use our bodies as the path to find our way back. 

This isn’t a thinking-practice. Instead, we feel, sense, taste, smell, and touch our way through.

And right now, it’s getting darker. We’re still in the Void. 

As we continue to Let Go and Drop Off, the purpose of your journey may start to become clear. To what end do we do this difficult and often lonely work? 

For me, this is a journey to reclaim my worthiness. Does that resonate for you, too?

One of my teachers reminded me that the heart of the unworthiness epidemic is our fixation on fixing and self-improving (practices I’ve been doing since I was 11 years old!) Moving through the Shadows, we have the chance to explore being-with whatever comes up. We get a break from the fixing and self-improving and our analytical/thinking mind shuts off for a bit. We find space to give thanks for both our many blessings and our persistent struggles. We honor interconnectedness and loneliness. We see the suffering of the world and we keep joy in our hearts. We let go, let go, let go and find more space to accept, forgive, and embrace. 

This is affecting my patterns in my relationships, my rapidly changing identity, and how I show up for justice. I’m not fixing anything – I’m staying more present with what is and may start to notice that this changes the people I gravitate toward and attract, the depth and quality of my solitude, and the ways I act, more wholeheartedly perhaps. 

Letting go of what’s familiar is guaranteed to stir up our Saboteurs! We can remember that they, too, have served a positive purpose at some point in the past. For today, recognize their antics and thank them for their ultimate purpose – to protect and preserve that beautiful childhood essence that’s with you today and always.

How are you moving through this powerful time? What might you be un-doing? What are you learning about your own unbearably beautiful sense of worthiness?

Love to you,


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