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Accept or Convert

As the October Full Moon in Aries illuminates the night, let the magic wash over you and restore your sense of wonder and awe. This is a potent time of year, and there are many energies at play. Wonder and awe are Sage powers that help keep the daily scratchy details in perspective. I was […]


Did you see the beautiful conjunction (connection) between Jupiter and the Moon on Friday? Like two gemstones glittering in the sky, side by side. Jupiter is still prominent in the sky – it’s just separating from the Moon. Today both Jupiter and Mercury go direct. The retrograde period for these planets is over and you […]

Reconnect with Your Inner Wisdom

For today’s Mental Fitness practice, bring a question to your Inner Leader/Sage/Guide. It could be something you’re struggling with or something that would benefit from a fresh perspective. Start with a question: where would you most like some guidance today? Then do some PQ reps to get your brain primed and ready. Focus on one […]

The Gifts in Thwarted Plans

My plans for a lovely art retreat changed abruptly last week thanks to COVID. After 6 months of preparing, rearranging my schedule and planning for 10 days away from Pixie Bee, it was all shut down just days before it was set to begin. I’m still choosing to make the best of it but I […]

Libra New Moon: Floodlight on Values

How has your week been going? How was the New Moon for you yesterday? Depending on your natal chart, the immense activity at and around this Libra New Moon might be affecting you in different ways. Libra puts a spotlight on imbalance and keeps sending us back to what we value as a way to […]

Moon Over the 12th

I just dropped October’s Of Light & Shadows newsletter so you have plenty to peruse and consider – and if you’re not yet subscribed, go to the bottom of my Home page and come in. And yet, there’s more! I wanted to share a little note about the Moon’s progression through your chart each month. […]

The Value of Mono-Tasking

Are you a multi-tasker? I know I’ve tried to be, even without consciously ‘trying.’ My work seems to demand it, or at least I seem to think it does, during busy-full times. And I’m regularly reminded of how not-good I am at it, with missed details, surface-level interactions, and the general depletion of the churn.  […]

Mercury-Venus-Mars > Libra Season!

Happy Libra Season! With last week’s Equinox came the shift from devoted, earthy Virgo to diplomatic, social Libra. Libra draws our attention to our relationships and how we engage with our networks. An air sign ruled by Venus, Libra is less focused on the emotional aspects of relating and more on how our connections reflect […]

Make Misery Optional

Saturdays are ruled by Saturn, the planet of task and responsibility. Today, notice what you tell yourself about the stuff you have to do… Most of our suffering is produced by our thoughts about the situation vs. the situation itself. These thoughts come from the survival part of our brain, also known as the domicile of our […]

Happy Autumn Equinox!

Today we celebrate Second Harvest (the first being at Lammas, August 2) and focus on gratitude. At this midpoint between the Summer and Winter Solstices, Light and Shadow find equilibrium and we appreciate what we’ve gathered and assess how it will fortify us on our journey inward. This is a time of true Thanksgiving. How […]

Tarot Tuesday – The World

This last day of Summer, 21 sept 21, is a great day to contemplate the gifts of The World, card 21 of the Major Arcana. The World indicates that a cycle has now come to a close but before we move on, we appreciate all the experiences, challenges, triumphs and simple daily moments that brought […]

Expansion Meets Re-Calibration: Jupiter & the Moon on the Cusp of the Equinox

How did you experience the Pisces Full Moon? Is a big dream coming to fruition? Or maybe you were awash in your emotions? Whatever and however you find yourself during this lunation, you might notice there’s a lot of ‘extra’ right now. Jupiter is conjunct (next to) the Moon, which we see in the night […]

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