Journal Prompts for the Retrogrades


Posted January 21st, 2022

Both Venus and Mercury are now in full-on retrograde and we have an opportunity to reflect on what we hold personal and dear. Here are a few journal/reflection questions to check in with yourself and calibrate your precious energy to an optimal setting for yourself:

* What am I noticing about my energy at this time? How would I describe it?

* What are my 3 top core values? (if you’re not sure, let’s book a session to explore…your values are the essential qualities that you *must* have in your life to feel fulfilled/engaged/in flow. More than just Words for the Year, values stay with you throughout your life and serve as essential guideposts for your more aligned actions).

* What decisions am I facing? How am I using my values to help inform my decisions?

* With whom do I want to reconnect? What’s important about this?

* Where might I need to make amends? Where/with whom might I not have been impeccable with my word, and how am I guided to proceed?

* What role does Beauty play in my life right now? What acts of love and pleasure can I dedicate to Beauty?

* What else am I noticing about the following themes:

What I value

How I honor my treasured relationship

The integrity of my word

Relating to former loves and companions (either directly or how I hold them in my mind and heart)

Most of all, may you be tender with and curious about your own sweet soul. 


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Happy Venus Day (Friday)!

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