Mercury’s Day: Honor Your Mind As-Is


Posted January 26th, 2022

Hello, Bright Spirit! Hope you’re enjoying a dazzling winter day, whether that comes to you as sun sparkling on snow, leaves deepening their color on trees, and/or a spark lighting up your heart.

Wednesday is Mercury’s Day and while this planet continues its retrograde, consider doing a small act or ritual that honors your mind. We spend a lot of our practices trying to regulate and sort the antics of our thoughts, especially as they can obscure our connection with our heart and soul. Today, appreciate the heck out of your brilliant mind. Love its current capacity, whether that’s foggy or clear, dispersed or focused. Whatever ability and cognition you experience. Light a candle to your thoughts, your words, and your ability to review, reassess and reconsider what you may have once held as truth. In this way, we honor Mercury and the amazing plasticity of our minds. 

We’re also in the Last Quarter Moon phase of the monthly lunar cycle, and the last stretch for the Venus retrograde, which turns direct on Saturday. These celestial events further support this period of reflecting on what we’ve learned, since the last New Moon on Sunday, January 2, and the start of the Venus retrograde on Sunday, December 19. 

– What have you learned about your heart and your relationships?

– What are you ready to release?

– What will this make room for next?

This Sunday, January 30, we’ll be gathering again for Witch Club, to celebrate how this latest magical cycle has created alchemy in our lives. Something is stirring, the spark is reigniting, and we have an opportunity to design a clear plan of action for how we want to be, what we want to do, and what we want to manifest in this new year. We’ll also connect with our Chart Rulers, the guiding planet(s) in our birth chart that acts as our own special allies throughout our lives. $44. Let me know by Friday, January 28, at noon if you’d like to join. This will be a hybrid in-person/online gathering. I’d love to see you in 2-D or 3-D. 


Bright wishes for a blessed Mercury Day!


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