Happy New Year, Light & Shadows Lovers!


Posted January 4th, 2022

Hope 2022 is filling your heart with joy and hope. I’ve been unplugged for about 10 days and feel so refreshed and ready to dive into this New Year with you xo

2022 is a “6” year in numerology, which I interpret through the Tarot, which makes it a Year of The Lovers. Yes, please! We’re closing out a 5/Hierophant year when we spent some time (conscious or not) reviewing long-standing structures and traditions for their value in present-time, and perhaps undergoing some uncomfortable confrontations with our own ego. 2021 was a challenge for many of us, to be sure.

2022 is going to feel different. We’ll still be dealing with the pandemic but it’ll feel like there’s more flow and connection. The Lovers teach us to embrace and make whole/holy all parts of ourselves as a way to attract true love. This may be a soul mate love, a love of community, deep and meaningful friendship, and other – the unifying thread is that we somehow reconnect with a practical, visceral sense that we are deeply loved by the universe, the stars, the moon, and the Divine.

How will you make a connection with the themes that The Lovers presents to you?

There is so much to love about the month ahead! My newsletter outlined the Moon cycles and here I’ll be sharing much more – like the fact that we’re still in a Venus Retrograde until 1/29, giving us the opportunity to reassess and review our values and how to better align our lives with these values. Or the fact that Pluto, the planet of destruction and transformation, is going to play a pretty central role throughout this month and year (more to come! An exceptional time to own your powerful, magical self!) Or the fact that Mercury will go into retrograde in Aquarius on 1/14, typically a time for classic tech mishaps but it’ll spend most of its time in Capricorn, giving us further opportunity to reevaluate the formats and structures we use to express ourselves. 

If you’re in Pacific time, this month also holds two New Moons, last Sunday’s NM in Capricorn, and a NM in Aquarius on 1/31 (2/1 for all of us east of the Pacific!)


I also have a lot of opportunities to connect this month and unpack these influences, starting with a Moon Magic Monthly on Saturday, January 15 from 10-11:30 am. M3s are going to be a bit different this year – we’ll still prep for the themes of the New and Full Moons, with customized input on the impact on You per your birth chart, and we’ll also do a bit more to understand how to use the Moon in its various phases, transits and progressions as your own soulful timekeeper. 

Witch Club is also back in its unapologetic reclamation of personal power, magic, awe and wonder. We’ll be celebrating the cross-quarter holiday of Imbolc, the center point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox, on Saturday, January 29 from 10 am-12:30 pm/MST. 

See the latest Light & Shadows newsletter of details or let me know if you have questions and interest!

For now, may your New Year be guided by the wholehearted beauty of The Lovers. Enjoy!


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