Full Moon in Cancer – January 2022


Posted January 17th, 2022

One of the benefits of being a Morning Person is that I get to watch the Full Moon set in the western sky. There was a beautiful glowing-red corona around the orb yesterday morning, and today the passing clouds enhanced the sense of mystery and wonder. 

How are you experiencing this beautiful Full Moon in Cancer?

The Moon rules Cancer and being in its home sign, we find flow with our hearts, our homes and our closest people. Other planets aspecting this lunation may bring some deep healing to the surface – you can trust that you’re ready to let your heart evolve through these experiences.

The Tarot Ally that I drew for this time is the *King of Cups*. What an affirmation of emotional intelligence! This card teaches us that when we trust our own innate loveability, we show up in the world as a true force for Love and we feel renewed by all the ways that we express this Love – toward our communities, our people, our plant and animal companions, and ourselves. 

If you have a Tarot deck, spend some time with the King of Cups and ask them for what you need to know about all the ways you’ve let/are letting your heart lead. What are you already doing that honors your heart’s calling? What changes would you wish to make in how you plan your day, and with whom you spend your time? End your contemplation with 5 things you’re grateful for about yourself. Give yourself a warm embrace.

Extra credit: honor your blessings by writing them on a small taper candle (legibility not required – intention rules!) Light the candle. Hold it up to the west in the direction of the setting Moon, whisper your gratitudes, and let it burn to completion. 

With warmest wishes for a lovely Moon Day – blessed be!


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