Welcome, Mid-Winter


Posted February 2nd, 2022

Welcome to the official midpoint between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox!

On the Wheel of the Year, we’ve reached Imbolc, the cross-quarter holiday where we connect with the precious fires that fuel our creative passion and our will to re-emerge. You might feel a bit of discomfort in the form of restless mental energy or pent-up physical energy. Take this as a signal that growth is happening! When we learn to embrace the scratchy days along with the smooth, we come into right relationship with what it means to be human.

Our brain starts to default to seeking the gift or opportunity in every encounter.

There’s a lot of planetary activity surrounding this day/week and without getting in the weeds of which planets are squaring/conjuncting/sextiling/opposing/trining with which, here are a few tips to prepare for the ‘weather’ this week:

1. Think of your future self and what they might want/need in the months ahead. Write yourself a love note with the wisdom you’ve gleaned about how to weather an emotional storm. Make a budget you can stick with. Revisit your dreams and revise as needed. 

2. Similarly, live by one of the primary directives of magic-making: what we put out will come back to us threefold. I have to write this one down, especially on days (like today) when I’m running on 6 hours/sleep which for me is the equivalent of energetic fumes! This directive reminds me to be kind with others and gentle with myself.

3. Watch toxic individualism and the ways you might feel entitled to place your needs, wants, and desires above anyone else’s. If you can observe yourself in this state, find a quiet moment and ask, “What do I really need right now? How can I care for myself in this moment while recognizing that others, too, may be affected by this challenging entitled energy?” For those with a Mental Fitness practice, this is also a good time to do some PQ reps and let your brain rest from any tendency to overanalyze.

4.  Stay thoughtful and considerate with your word. While Mercury goes direct tomorrow, the shadow period – when it backtracks over the ground it just covered – will last through most of this month. This provides us with another beautiful opportunity to be with our minds and stay curious about the places we go especially when we’re anxious, sad, worried, and hurt. 

5. If your feelers are a little extra sensitive this week, lather yourself in your favorite self-care practices. Reach out to three people you haven’t talked with in a while. Go outside (and if you’re in Denver, bundle up!!) Keep your practices simple, and frequent.

There’s a solid focus on mental health this week which seems to match with what can feel like the depressive phase of the winter season. We’re waxing toward Springtime and the Light is making a noticeable comeback, and yet the chill might be keeping us inside more than out and the persistent pandemic, with the premature (IMHO) relaxing of mask mandates and other safety practices, is taking a toll that should not be underestimated.

Please reach out if you’d like some support, and if you feel so inspired, share how you’re doing and what helps bring you back to your own sparkly Magic.


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