Retrogrades: Time to Be Real


Posted January 14th, 2022

I spent the last two weeks inviting and being open to witnessing people where they are in the moment. I experimented in my professional role to go so far as to ask, “what are. you carrying right now that feels hard? good?” These questions might seem to be leading, but the world is in some heavy times, and even though many of us find ways to bring and be Light, it doesn’t mean the Shadows aren’t there too. To ignore either is energetically taxing and comes at great cost.

I noticed that this way of being – of inviting what’s real – makes some people very uncomfortable. They want to focus on the positive and quickly exit from the heaviness. Again, this will only prolong the suffering and negates our very basic human need to belong and be witnessed as we are. This doesn’t mean that we dwell or indulge in hard feelings. It means we direct the energy that we would have otherwise spent stuffing them in toward being with what’s true for us right now.

Trusting that this, too, will change.

Today we’re contending with a lot of celestial activity that drives us inward and may even cause us to ruminate or focus on what’s missing rather than what’s here. Whether you’re an astrology fan or not, here are some ways to bring more tenderness to your day:

1. Venus is still in Retrograde in Capricorn. Ask yourself, “What is one core value that I can really put into practice today?” If it’s interconnectedness, reach out to someone you haven’t talked to in a while. If it’s authenticity, dare to take a bold stand for yourself that might be long overdue.

2. Mercury is now in Retrograde in Aquarius. Ask yourself, “Where am I on the social/anti-social spectrum right now? What works for me in how I’m relating to and receiving others, and what might need a shift?” Aquarius is both about the collective and also quite individualistic. As a companion to the Venus retrograde, it’s helpful to think about how you think about relationships.

3. Mercury is conjunct Saturn. Ask yourself, “What in my life may be served by cautious, detailed planning? What loving vigilance is needed with my Inner Critic/Judge today?” This is not a great day for big-picture thinking. Saturn wants us to get serious about the details. If you’ve been mapping out a dream, today is a good day to put some precision to the plan.

If you’re feeling light and buoyant today, go with it! If you’re dark and gloomy, I see you. Use these prompts as/if they’re helpful to you. As always, take what you like and leave the rest.

*Moon Magic Monthly* is tomorrow at 10am/MST and we’ll be exploring new ways to work with the Moon’s cycles and connect with our own beautiful emotional intelligence no matter the astro-weather. Let me know if you’d like to join the Zoom cauldron.

Sending love to you xoxo

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