Surrender to the Moon


Posted August 27th, 2021

What are you ready to surrender to the waning Moon?

Over-busyness? Attachment to an earlier version of you? Stories you tell yourself about yourself?

You don’t need to know *how* this will happen. You just need to show up and connect with the power that the Moon holds for you.

Today’s Moon is in Taurus, making it a great time to intentionally connect through your 5 core senses. This also happens to be called a “PQ Rep,” so you’re strengthening your mental fitness muscles, taking the route directly to your inner Jedi, while you’re working with Moon Magic!

With the intention of letting go of that which holds you back, focus on one primary sensory channel and show up fully in that way. You might:

* Gaze at the startling details of a flower

* Listen to the sound of a bird chirping/singing/squawking

* Feel the cool blades of grass envelope your feet

* Savor a juicy piece of watermelon

* Absorb the fragrant nuances of the leaves of a tomato plant 

Let your senses be your guide, and your surrender be your prayer.

Happy Friday!


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