Draw From Your Well


Posted August 24th, 2021

Every day is a good day to connect with your inner Jedi and lean on your sage powers to listen to your heart, speak your truth, see the world as it is and move it ever closer to what you dream it to be. 

Today is an *especially* good day for this.

When the planets point to delusion, projection, doubts, and the power of negative thinking, we act accordingly. We now have the astrological weather report. Like learning that the day will be stormy, we take our metaphoric umbrella, or we make a different choice and decide to stay in vs. go out. 

Working with the stars in this way, we consider what options and buffers we have when the day might seem bumpy. Our mental fitness practice reminds us that we can’t access goodness like empathy, curiosity, creativity, and kindness when our brains are hijacked by saboteur fears, anger, anxieties, guilt, and shame. Those latter emotions are signals to do our momentary mindfulness practices (PQ reps). We find our way back to that inner wisdom, the little Yoda that lives within all of us.

Depending on where and how these planets touch your own chart, you may be super activated or blissfully unaware. In some ways, the details don’t matter – your experience, self-awareness and sweet self-compassion are your best guides to help you determine how to move forth in this day. 

Just knowing that you can draw from your deep well of inner vitality – always – keeps you tethered to your Magic.

Happy Tuesday, 


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