Energy Check


Posted September 14th, 2021

Where is your energy today? Driven and focused? Drained and foggy? The Moon is waxing and this morning shifts signs from always-seeking Sagittarius to nose-to-the-grindstone Capricorn. Other astro events point to a week that could have a start/stop, touch/go feel to it. For today, consider: How might your relationship to hard work and your purpose be expanding, waxing with the Moon?

For me, the excavation of “purpose” and “values” that we do in coaching is taking on a whole new level of importance. Like many of the people I work with, I’m noticing how time management seems to be a growing struggle – and yet it starts to resolve itself when we root back into our core values and our true purpose. Sometimes finding words for our purpose can be elusive – that’s why we start with metaphors and hold what emerges with a poetic kiss. The more we can wrap words around our purpose and values, the more we can start prioritizing how we allocate our energy, which influences how we ‘spend’ our time.

So much more to say but I’ve been percolating on an epic family trip – lots of thoughts on Death and Life that I hope to share soon. For now, please reach out if you’d like to schedule a flash coaching session on purpose and values!

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