Moving through the Day World While in the Dark Night


Posted November 12th, 2021

I woke up with the distinct feeling that while my body is preparing to move through the Day World, my spirit and soul are actively moving through the Dark Night of the Shadows. This is especially disorienting on days like today when I have to operate heavy machinery (drive) and be in places that require engagement with other human bodies. 

I re-orient when I remember that I am calibrating to the seasons and cycles of nature. It’s easy for me to forget this while in the midst of it, apparently!

The social world as we have designed it is not aligned with the natural world. We know this, which is why we cultivate a magickal practice. Our practice helps us resolve this core dissonance and we stop expecting the misalignment to be different.

Then what happens?

Instead of the world happening to us, it happens for us. The people, places, and experiences we encounter now, in this liminal Dark Night season, are teachers, guides and helpers. As we keep going deeper and deeper inward, our reactions, feelings, and insights are all cairns along the journey that point us to valuable information that we might’ve missed at any other time of year.

This includes health challenges, breakups, professional setbacks, misunderstandings, gossip, burnout…we may not be able to see the gift or opportunity right away, but our faith will assure us that it’s there somewhere.

Our astrology can give us some context about our Evolutionary Path (our North Node), including the plot of our Hero’s Journey and how we’re meant to grow and evolve in this lifetime. As we navigate the shadows with intention, we draw forth courage to move through the Dark Night without a compass. It’s more about sensing than getting mental or even seeing with our eyes. We fearlessly call our saboteurs, our fears, and our deepest woundings out of hiding. Healing and loving what we discover may be some of the most important work we do in this lifetime. 

That’s what makes it ‘evolutionary.’

While we each have our own path to navigate, we are never fully alone. Who is with you on your journey today? Who may be stopping by just for a visit, if only but to leave you with something that looks like a dirty old rock, but with some tumbling and polishing and patience, may turn into a beautiful gem? 

In addition to our red-blooded assistants, we have spirit guides with us all the time. One such guest that came through the Tarot today is the Page of Cups. In the Tarot of the Spirit deck, this card is called “Water Sister.” Water Sister whispers in your ear,  “You are on the right path. You are connected to earth, sky, fire and water, and to the spiraling of the seasons. Keep going. Go deeper. Prioritize your connection and trust your feelings and impressions.” Water Sister is the sweet trickle of a stream that we hear, with relief. This journey is long and we’ve been feeling parched and dry. 

She asks:

– What do you make of my message?

– Who offers you unqualified love and support?

– What are you waiting for when it comes to trusting yourself more?

– What is your intuition whispering to you today? Shhh…listen closely… 


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