Spiraling with the Moon, Stars and Mind Magic


Posted July 27th, 2021


We have a special star-kissed period laid out by the Full Moon cycle of the next month. Between July 23 and Sunday, August 22, our lives are bookended between two gorgeous Aquarius Full Moons – where do you want to innovate? This is a time to explore the impossible and make possible some big dreams, both for ourselves and the good of the whole. Reconnect with your boundaries – we can only challenge the edges when we know the edges. Let this inform your practice – moon journaling, mental fitness, meditation, all. 


These Moon markers are also sandwiching some major astrological shifts, and with these shifts come tension and strife. Just like forest fires, or childbirth, or any other natural phenomenon where destruction precedes renewal. Our systems may be activated and anxious as we grapple for what’s familiar and comfortable. That’s human nature. At the same time, a practice rooted in the Moon, stars and spiralic activity of Nature teach us that everything changes. How do you want to be through change? Who do you want to be in tumult? The better question may be, Who *are* you when the grounds start to shift? Let your trusting true nature shine forth. 

*Mind Magic*

The mental fitness practice teaches us that pain should only be used as an instructor, as in the don’t-leave-your-hand-on-the-hot-stove example. Our saboteurs can tell us that the pain is for our own good, or it’s how people learn and grow – OR they can tell us that we should bypass the discomfort that comes with change. This is tricky, and the only way to determine what’s true for you is to be in close and dedicated contact with your Sage and allies. In this next lunar cycle, the cast of characters may change. The astro energy is filled with squaring off, stubbornness, righteousness and rebellion. Not all bad – just keep your intentions at the forefront. Keep your saboteurs in view and keep your Sage close by. There are profound opportunities to up-level, starting now.

Be gentle.

And be fierce.


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