Dark Moon, New Moon, Lion’s Gate


Posted August 6th, 2021

How have your dreams been lately? Where do you drift, day or night, that stirs you in some way? Maybe you’re exploring what’s possible – or what’s impossible, as dreams sometimes do. Maybe you’re working with some shadow material, coming face to face with what scares you. As we enter the Dark Moon phase of the month in the Moon’s home sign of Cancer, we’re invited to be at home in our inner worlds and then do whatever clearing we need to do to welcome a new dawn.

That new dawn is coming on Sunday, when the New Moon in Leo coincides with the annual Lion’s Gate Portal, 8/8, the number of infinity, evolution, cause and effect. It’s like discovering a new door, that leads to a new room in a house you’ve lived in forever. What’s beyond this door? Where does it lead? Aligned with your heart center, the Lion’s Gate particularly calls us to deeper ways of loving so we can trust that wherever lies behind the door will hold something for our hearts. 

The Dark Moon – now – is a beautiful time to go inward, to surrender to whatever you’ve been resisting, and take a breath. Or more. Remember your physical body as the sacred vessel of your spirit. Feed it well. Drink lots of water. Unplug from technology as much as you can. Just be with the darkness. You’re in the cinema of your life and your dreams unfold like a mini-series. 

What are you learning in the dark?

Leo is connected with the Strength card in tarot, the Brave Heart. While Sunday’s New Moon is auspicious for intentions related to play and delight, it can take courage in a culture that demands that you be serious to survive. As a new door opens on this same day – walk through it boldly, and expect to walk closer to your heart’s desire.

And remember, we are all in the Dark. While this is the most solitary phase of the monthly lunar cycle, reach out as needed. You are held in so much love, always!


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