Daily Life as Practice


Posted July 20th, 2021

When our daily lives become a sort of practice, an intentional way of being in and learning about ourselves from the everyday worlds we inhabit, we build personal power. We see the lies of our saboteurs more clearly and we connect with a life lived through the sage perspective, where every interaction presents us with a gift or opportunity. 

Both a mental fitness and a witchy, magical, Moon practice are about reclaiming our deep inner sense of self, nature, soul, and spirit. We are less afraid of the shadows and know that they’re an essential part of the light. 

We can frame these practices simply, in terms of leadership and performance, so that our work-selves can get on board: “If it’ll help me stay in my job/make money/find my career path, then it must be useful!” And this is true.

It’s also true that these practices are not confined to one area of our lives. They spill over because our lives are liquidy concoctions of elements and experiences. This week, I’m struck by how profound these practices are. How they lead us gently back to our own true nature, from which anything is possible. 

These practices are also tremendously loving and supportive. When my Judge or my Stickler saboteurs get loud, I think, “Great! I get to do some PQ reps now!” or “I wonder what’s going on in the stars, with the Moon, that gives these saboteurs a megaphone? What are they really pointing me to – what am I yearning for that needs to be expressed directly?”

Not always. But more and more, as I keep the practices in the forefront.

Hope your week is off to an intentional, loving start. 


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