Social Purpose vs. Soul Purpose


Posted May 14th, 2021

In all my years working with the wilderness as a guide and teacher, I’ve never lost that longing to commune with the secrets of the natural world. Whether observing the ways that a might pine is shaped by the urgings of the wind or reading ancient stories in the stars, the connection and learning here is lifelong. The transformative potential, limitless.

Since I do not spend the majority of my time in the natural world – or even close to it, being the decades-long urban-dweller that I am – I still find ways for daily contemplation and communion. Springtime makes it easy. The blossoming trees and flowers activate almost all the senses. The sun makes its presence more visceral. Nature re-engages us, regardless of any intention we might set.

But it’s our intention that makes our engagement richer, more vibrant, more wonder-filled. And with clear intention, which can simply be our desire to connect, we’re able to hear the whisperings of our life’s purpose – not what we’re socially here to do/make/have, but who we’re essentially here to be. This focus is a bit different than what most people bring to a coaching relationship. On a typical day, we don’t tend to speak the language of Soul Work in our highly driven, acquistion-based culture.

Yet, as we start to reemerge from all that the pandemic has taught us, we come with a bit more clarity about what we didn’t like in that culture. What needs to change, both in our immediate sphere as well as in the larger systems we’re part of. Many of us now seek only nourishing, affirming places, where we can heal and find the sustenance we know we need to bring about authentic, interconnected social transformations. We learn that our urge for belonging is inextricably linked to our care and reverence for the cycles of nature and the health of the planet.

When we connect with/embody/fiercely live out our soul purpose, our social purpose may radically shift. Rather than striving for all the things, we love what we have, who we are, and who we are becoming. Rather than believing that ‘if-only I get the: promotion/relationship/raise/status/etc…’, we start opening to the possibilities and wonder, and learning becomes a lifelong task. We connect with those who find great value in the gifts and opportunities that we have to share.

In some ways, the category of ‘coaching’ is a bit limiting to describe what we can do together to allow for your soul’s work to come forth. Coaching strategies, astrology and tarot are all cairns that guide us along the way – they are not the path itself. If at some point along your journey you seek a Guide, I and many others can provide you with support, companionship and true witness. Ultimately, you are the Path Finder. While deep and transformational, soul work is also playful and rooted in joy. I’m finding that the answers are most likely to reveal themselves when approached in the spirit of fun, curiosity and experimentation, along with a reverence and quiet witnessing of the profundity of Nature and her cycles.

Bright blessings to you as you explore your Soul Purpose, what’s there, and what’s yet to be discovered!

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