Recover from Negative Emotional/Saboteur Hijacking


Posted June 17th, 2021

Yesterday I have a very visceral (and public) experience of a saboteur hijacking. I wanted to share a few key learnings:

1. A regular PQ/meditation practice does not mean that you’ll never get hijacked by negative emotions and difficult mental states. It means that you’ll recover faster. 

2. If you find yourself beating yourself up about getting hijacked, it means another saboteur is still active! You have the tools – including asking for support – to navigate your way through and find the direct path to your Sage.

3. We’re always making decisions about what gets our attention and energy. Sometimes, especially when our resources may feel depleted, we don’t feel like we have a choice – the decisions seem to run us rather than the other way around. THIS is a very ACTIVE and CRAFTY saboteur!! Stepping away from your environment – physically and completely – can help break the spell of this saboteur. If you’ve been staring at a screen, stop. If you’re not feeling heard or seen, focus on hearing your own inner voice and really looking at yourself for a moment. Then return to the situation.

4. Emotions are like clouds. Watch them float across the sky of your mind, knowing that none will be around forever.

By focusing on the lessons and planning to let them guide us moving forward, we deeper our mental fitness practice. We recover from those hijackings faster and the path of flow is easier to find when we get lost.


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