Season of Love


Posted July 7th, 2021

The theme of Cancer season is Love, and it shows up in the Moon and stars as well as our daily mental fitness practice. Love underpins all of the Sage powers and the Sage perspective – the ability to see the gift or opportunity in any challenge we face. The astrology reminds us that this is not a naive love – when we stay connected to our Sage, we face any relationship issues – with others, our jobs and circumstances, and ourselves – with a clear head and laser focus.

The planets are bickering this week, so it might be easy to forget that love leads and that we can still be loving while also protecting our tender hearts. We might feel too tired, irritable, impatient, lonely…just too much! And while we want to honor our feelings, we also want to find the courage – the heart – to return again to our highest and best self.

In so doing, we preserve and even restore our energy. This is palpable, not theoretical. You’ll know it when you feel it.

I’ve been immersing myself in the Tarot this summer (more than usual), and am struck by all the ways it provides a quick reconnection with the ultimate story of courage and the ebbing and flowing of energy. We’ve all been on the Hero’s Journey since we took our first breath. To move through this wild life requires that we show up, face fears, be vulnerable and learn/re-learn what we’re here to do/be. The Tarot is a soulful way to tap into a story about how we each might be doing just that, and how the theme of Love is ever-present throughout the narrative of our lives.

For today, ask yourself: 

*How can I more fully express the Love in my heart for this person? 

*What love does this situation call for from me? 

*How is self-love present in this moment?

If the answers aren’t forthright, spend 2 minutes doing your favorite PQ reps and just notice what happens next.


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