Posted June 30th, 2021

In our mental fitness practice, we learn that our survival brain amplifies the negative by at least 3 times in order to help us remember and avoid danger. To counter this, we need to meet every one negative thought and interaction with three positive ones in order to neutralize the impact – on ourselves and others. 

Our energy banks get depleted – and fast! – if we don’t fill back up with a kind word or deed. This may be more obvious with others than it is with ourselves. 

In our magical practice, we have the Rule of Three: that whatever we put out into the world – positive, negative, indifferent – returns to us threefold. Above all, this helps us take responsibility for the energy we bring to every situation.

Do we have to be “perfect”? No! Neutral, real, tender, fierce, slumpy, excited…all of our emotions are valid expressions of being human. We engage an evolutionary practice when we can bring intention and present awareness to any saboteur/negative activity that feels out of alignment with our true nature, and call in our tools, our supports, and our Sage to inform what happens next. 

So today, if you’re feeling drained and running on empty, fill up with affirming moments. Here are some suggestions:

– Make a list of three things that are really working in your life right now.

– Text someone with a message of genuine appreciation.

– In an argument or difficult conversation, find the 20% you agree with. Respond with “What I like about that is…And what it makes me think about is…”

– Connect with what you value most – beauty, connection, achievement, nature, belonging…whatever it is for you. Then express this value in a way that feels fun for you. 

The stars are hot and feisty this week – even argumentative and hostile – and you can stay cool and centered through it all by staying with your beautiful, wise, affirming Sage presence. Remember the Rule of 3 and the 3-to-1 Ratio.

Please do reach out if you’d like some company on the journey.


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