Checking In-How’s Your Practice?


Posted July 15th, 2021

I just wanted to check-in and see how you’re doing. This has not been an easy month astrologically, and egos, defenses, and tempers (your own and those of the people you surround yourself with) may continue to flare up.

How are you finding your center, your tender heart? What brings you relief in the heat of the moment? 

Any practice that we choose, be it Moon Journaling, Mental Fitness, Daily Gratitude, other or all, is just that – a practice. And we have a Practice to recalibrate and to help us find our way back to our inner voice, that trusted Sage that keeps us in line with what we value in life.

It works when we work it, and sometimes we let other activities, disguised as ‘priorities’, intercept our practice. Distractions-disguised-as-priorities are saboteurs! Sneaky ones! So for today:

1. Identify what you consider your most nourishing Practice.

2. Assess how it’s going – is it where you want it to be? Great! Nice work! Keep going!! Has it been a bit neglected? Come back to it, even a bit. Gaze up at the gorgeous waxing Moon tonight and consider the beauty you’d like to grow in your life. Do a few PQ reps that activate your sense of touch, hearing, and smell. Write down 10 things you’re grateful for right now and include at least one about yourself.

3. Map out a plan for your practice in the next 5 days. Where will it land in your schedule? Add it in. 

4. If accountability will serve you, reach out. I’d be honored to support you in continuing, reinvigorating, or starting a Practice.

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