Reconnect with Your Inner Wisdom


Posted October 15th, 2021

For today’s Mental Fitness practice, bring a question to your Inner Leader/Sage/Guide. It could be something you’re struggling with or something that would benefit from a fresh perspective. Start with a question: where would you most like some guidance today?

Then do some PQ reps to get your brain primed and ready. Focus on one of your senses with such attention that all other sensory input is suspended, even if for a moment.

Next, bring your attention to your wish to connect with that wise part of yourself that just knows what to do next. Trust that this inner Sage is here for you and simply waiting for you to connect and ask.

Give yourself a few moments to see, sense, hear, or otherwise make contact. You can keep doing some PQ reps while engaged in this dialogue. Ask and listen. Then take a few notes about what you’ve learned. The process of putting pen to paper helps improve memory (true fact!)

No need to remember the 5 Sage powers (empathize, activate, innovate, navigate, explore) or the Sage perspective (find the gift/opportunity). This is more about showing up and remembering that you have access to this wisdom within any time you call on it. Listen to the answers and allow them to guide your next steps.


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