Posted October 18th, 2021

Did you see the beautiful conjunction (connection) between Jupiter and the Moon on Friday? Like two gemstones glittering in the sky, side by side. Jupiter is still prominent in the sky – it’s just separating from the Moon.

Today both Jupiter and Mercury go direct. The retrograde period for these planets is over and you might notice that you’re ready to shift from contemplation to action. What decisions have you been weighing? What big, bold ideas have you been tending? It’s time to accept that You Are – and Have – Enough inner resources, thoughts, and ideas to now express yourself.

Whether you’re following the Moon and Stars as a guide or not, our night sky can help us connect to and restore a sense of wonder in our worlds. The feeling of awe and the perspective it yields can help us if we feel like each day is a slog and we find ourselves in a slump. 

Your Moon journaling and meditation practices are there to support you in this. You can also practice the simple physiology connected with Wonder: *look up* Let your shoulders drop back and allow your gaze to lift. Breathe. Explore how this posture influences your thoughts, and how your thoughts inform your actions.

Connect with a bright idea or grand plan that you’ve been nurturing over these last few weeks and months. Ask for your Next Step. Then proceed.

It’s Go-time!


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