New Moon Contemplations: Scorpio Season


Posted November 4th, 2021

As we welcome this New Moon in Scorpio, I’m reminded that while the Moon’s cycles are constant, the Moon’s energies shift and change with each sign it visits. 

This is not a chill New Moon. In fact, designing hopeful intentions at this time may be less auspicious than exploring intentions that reflect getting in right-relationship with your own energetic capacity, where and how you hold your power, and being more discerning about what you share, and with whom, about your own tender unfolding.

The energies of other planets and aspects that interact with the New Moon today can leave us feeling frustrated, upset, even entitled. The way we respond to the stresses in our lives reveals more about our own habits of mind than it does about the situation at hand. And yet our tendency may be to look outside and point fingers at the problem rather than connecting with the agency we do have to respond.

This is a New Moon to be in the mud of our own humanity and to look for the lotus that’s ready to bloom. We extend grace to ourselves and others for doing the best we can with what we got. Even if what we got is an empty tank of gas and no more f’s to give. 

Here’s a Tarot spread for this lunation:

1. What’s important for me to know about my own power.

2. What healing am I ready to embrace.

3. What action am I ready to take.

4. What support can I expect as I embrace my power-within.

Let me know what you discover!

Wishing you many deep-healing blessings during this powerful New Moon,


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