Time to Dream Up “Work”


Posted November 5th, 2021

This weekend we prepare for one of my favorite non-astrological events: daylight savings time! The ultimate in time travel, I love how this practice reminds us that Time is a social construct. We can gain or lose an hour just because we planned it that way. 

It’s amusing, our attempts to outsmart nature so that we can eke out maximum productivity in the mechanistic 40-hour workweek. I have the privilege of working for a generous employer who allows for scheduling flexibility to the extent that it doesn’t impact the priority of teamwork. I can organize my work schedule to generally get in sync with my circadian rhythms and feel less like I’m being held hostage by the 9-to-5 workday world. 

If this isn’t you, I’m sorry.

I’ve devoted my career to daily thriving, and I’m spending the remainder of my professional work life advocating for more organic, regenerative approaches to work, aka how we spend roughly 90,000 hours of our waking life. Is our workplace responsible for our happiness? Not at all – that’s an inside job. But we can create better conditions that support the gifts that we each bring to bear on this world. 

This weekend, may you use that extra hour to consider the whole of your life and how you’d like the slice that you call “work” to fit into it (even if that hour is spent in the dream world!) Reach out if you’d like some support mapping out that whole life pie and deciding how you want the pieces to slice up.


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