Reclaim Your Energy


Posted November 11th, 2021

For today’s Mental Fitness practice, I want to challenge you to put yourself first and set an alarm every hour for the next 8 hours. When that alarm goes off, do one set of PQ reps of your choosing and ask yourself, “On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being ‘Totally Empty’ and 10 being ‘Totally Full,’ where is my energy right now?”

Make a note. Literally. On a piece of paper.

Then, do one more set of PQs for 1 minute (or more). 

Then, carry on.

Remember that saboteur activity is the #1 cause of energy drain. We might think it’s our schedule, or our relationships, or the overculture, or even lack of sleep…just for today, call that thinking a Lie! and believe that you can get your energy back by re-dedicating yourself to your Mental Fitness practice.

I’m with you in practice and in spirit. Now, let’s reclaim our precious energy. We got this!


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