Libra New Moon: Floodlight on Values


Posted October 7th, 2021

How has your week been going? How was the New Moon for you yesterday?

Depending on your natal chart, the immense activity at and around this Libra New Moon might be affecting you in different ways. Libra puts a spotlight on imbalance and keeps sending us back to what we value as a way to re-set the balance. The transits of Mercury and Mars joined the Sun and Moon in the same spot in the sky making Libra’s spotlight more like a floodlight. Everything might feel like *the* priority: who I am, how I feel, how I express myself, how I get motivated…and with Mercury, our thoughts, in retrograde, it’s all up for review. 

Then we have Chiron, the Wounded Healer, opposing all of this activity and giving it a purpose: to serve a necessary and potentially long-overdue healing crisis.

Did someone say ‘crisis’? Pluto also went direct, so it’s time to birth whatever inner transformation we’ve been gestating since the retrograde of this planet started on April 27. We don’t get to pick, deliberate or temper how this comes forth. We just need to breathe, open, and call on our inner midwife to let this process do its thing.

This is why I’m not clear that simple monthly intention-setting fits this New Moon. Maybe the intentions flowed for you and this was just another good point in your Moon Journaling practice. 

In my chart, all of this activity is happening at the heart of my Star Story. I was born on a New Moon so my natal Sun and Moon are already on top of each other. Mercury is my chart ruler so I feel that planet’s impact no matter what it’s doing. Pluto is bumping up against my North Node, so I’m at a critical crossroads on my evolutionary path. Chiron is the ringleader of this transformation circus.

No wonder I’m not sleepingl!! Ha ha!

Here are two of the many ways these themes are coming forth for me:

– I lost a new earring I just bought myself for my birthday. This set off the 5 stages of grief. I’m at Acceptance now – ultimately, stuff is stuff. I can live without earrings. I can appreciate the joy they brought me for the 36 hours that I had the pair. I’m embracing the lesson of impermanence.

– A vacation retreat that I’ve been anticipating for months was canceled due to COVID. I experienced the 5 stages of grief on steroids with this one (still in it, actually, since news came last night). It’s disorienting when the Thing that was making all the Harder Things bearable is now gone. I was oddly comforted when someone said, “Maybe this is happening for a reason.” It was like a cold-water dunk – oh right! Things don’t happen to me – they happen for me. I’m embracing this truth, and with gratitude that I actually feel it in my bones, not just in my brain.

Even though I’m still not quite clear what the last-minute cancellation of a dream is doing “for” me – bah! (I’m in the “bitter” subset of “anger”…but I’m also seeking an alternate plan, so “acceptance” is hovering!) 

This is a good lunation to feel our feelings – disappointment, impatience, sadness, rage – and then to relate to them as signals, not answers. What is ready to be transformed? What healing am I ready to accept, at last? These are big questions, and this is a big time for the answers we’ve been waiting for.  When the answer isn’t obvious, keep holding the questions. Let them marble around in your head. Ask questions that assume that your highest good and greatest joy will be met – the questions are more about what-how-when-where-with whom this will all transpire.


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