Moon Over the 12th


Posted October 1st, 2021

I just dropped October’s Of Light & Shadows newsletter so you have plenty to peruse and consider – and if you’re not yet subscribed, go to the bottom of my Home page and come in.

And yet, there’s more! I wanted to share a little note about the Moon’s progression through your chart each month.

As you know, your natal birth chart (or Life Map, as I like to think of it) is like a pie comprised of 12 slices. Each slice is a House, and each House represents a specific context of our lives.

When the Moon moves through each of the Houses over the course of its 28-29 day cycle, that House or context gets a little extra touch of Moon energy – our heart is more activated and we might have stronger feelings about more specific areas of our lives.

The good news is that the Moon, our emotions, is/are almost constantly in motion. Who knows what’s ‘good’ and what’s ‘bad’? Through a Moon Magic practice, we learn to love what simply Is.

When the Moon traverses through your 12th House, we’re at the end of a mini cycle. We have the chance to reflect on the lessons we learned, the lessons we seem to keep needing to learn, the wisdom we’ve gleaned, and how we’re connecting with our sense of purpose. We might not have the words per se, as the 12th House is where mystery resides. Insights can be more felt than verbalized. 

This awareness happens anytime, but it’s been helpful to me to locate these experiences in the context of cycles that I can also track with the lovely orb that circles our planet.

I’m currently in a 12th House lunar phase and feel like completion is a sweet and fitting way to start October, which is also the beginning of a new solar year for me. The cycles come together and for a moment, and without grasping, I experience alignment.

Through this perspective, I wish you a magical, majestic, magnificent month!


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