Inner Cache of Treasure


Posted November 1st, 2021

The latest edition of the “Of Light & Shadows” newsletter went out yesterday and it’s packed with prompts and reflections for this Dark Moon season of the year.  Use as you find useful. There is a seasonal quieting that happens now, a settling into where and who you are, and you have good discernment to determine what you need in this process.

Scorpio is often associated with the Sign of Secrets which can sometimes be connected with practices seen as “negative.” I like to think of this as a Sign of Deep Discernment around what, when, and with whom I share my most private moments. I’m a firm believer in community, and interconnectedness is one of my core values. This doesn’t mean that I compulsively share whatever is on my mind, despite all the avenues and opportunities I have in this culture to do so! 

As we start a new month, reconnect with your own deep discernment, and imagine your heart and all its yearnings as a cache of precious treasure. It’s your job to first re-discover and then guard these jewels and determine who, what, when, where and how you wish to share them. 

*IF* you wish to share them.

Expect to meet some of your saboteurs along the way, who might tell you that you don’t deserve these treasures until you do x-y-z, or that it’s too late/early to access these treasures, or that it’s not real unless you post it on Instagram…

Through our solitary journey into the Shadows, we fearlessly face our most disowned and unloved aspects. We see them and hold them and let them go. It is a tender yet fierce process.

If you feel called to speak aloud to what you discover, choose your audience wisely. Allow your ancestors, inner Wise One, and trusted guides to lead. Recognize the voice of the inner Judge, who speaks to you harshly and with blame. Discern the voice of wisdom, that observes, gets curious, and stays focused on the Path inward.

You are heading toward that heart-treasure. You might not know exactly what you’ll discover but you know you must proceed because this is the Path to your Highest Good and Greatest Joy.

The treasures you carry within are invaluable, and those shadowy aspects of yourself haven’t been acknowledged for the role they’ve played – to keep you safe. You don’t need this anymore. Your rational mind might not believe this, but this isn’t a journey for the rational mind.

Be brave on your journey. You’re worth every step.

And I’m with you all the way,

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