Samhain, Sun and Saturn


Posted October 29th, 2021

In the Celtic calendar, these next three days leading up to Samhain make up the Thirteenth Month, a ‘make-up month’ that mathematically re-sets our solar/lunar calendar. We are in the betwixt-and-between phase of the Wheel of the Year. We prepare to enter the Shadows.

This is a time when we find the end in the beginning and the beginning in the end. Life and death, birth and rebirth. 

We let go, we die, we emerge from the ashes anew. 

We evolve on the spiral of life. We regenerate in new and often surprising ways.

This process is under the influence of a short term yet impactful transit of the Sun in square with Saturn. The Sun is our ego and Saturn is our responsibility. The square indicates conflict, a butting of heads between self-gratification and duty.

This is perfect work for the Thirteenth month! 

While challenging, we will be confronted with how we project negative energy onto others, particularly those in positions of authority. This Saturn energy might also show up in situations and circumstances where we feel restricted, obliged or impatient. 

To maximize the energies of this magical weekend, look inward and notice the conflicts you might feel between satisfying the ego and meeting your responsibilities. Who or what are you responsible for? What would you rather be doing instead? What choices do you have here that you might have missed? 

This transit may affect you more acutely if your Star Chart has prominent planetary activity in fixed signs (Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus and Leo).

Above all, be tender with yourself. Start by going inward and calling back all the ways you might be projecting your fears onto others. Own your fears and attend to them directly. Notice any opportunities you might have to be courageous. Then do the hard thing that you may have been avoiding. 

The beauty of this transit, in this time, is that we’ll all have opportunities to work with the chinks in our egos and how we might fortify our true nature with confidence, clarity and love.


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