Accept or Convert


Posted October 19th, 2021

As the October Full Moon in Aries illuminates the night, let the magic wash over you and restore your sense of wonder and awe. This is a potent time of year, and there are many energies at play. Wonder and awe are Sage powers that help keep the daily scratchy details in perspective. I was going to make this post about the astrology of the week (that might come later!) but for today, I offer you a Mental Fitness strategy that may help you surf the big waves of this time:

This deceptively simple strategy can seem so elusive when saboteurs are active because those saboteurs represent our default patterns whenever we’re stressed or facing a challenge. So the first step is to catch ourselves when we’re in the swirl of the hyper-rationalizing, over-analytical, avoidant, confronting tactics of the saboteurs, and remember that we can either Accept or Convert. 

We accept the situation for what it is OR we actively convert it into a gift or opportunity. 

Take traffic, for example. I know I’m even more resistant to the work commute than I ever have been, and traffic in Denver seems more congested and ridiculous each time I venture out. This narrative usually starts within 5 minutes, and then it seems like the drive takes me 5x longer than it should! So. I become aware of the saboteur shenanigans. Before trying to consciously shift my thoughts in any way, I return to my 2-, 5- or 12-minute sensory-based mindfulness activities (aka PQ Reps) to activate the Sage brain. This helps set me up to accept that which I can’t control, and consider where I have choice (eg when I leave home) and how I feel grateful (eg to have a job). And/or I can convert it into a gift or opportunity – driving as a time to catch up on the news, listen to an audiobook, be in silence, experience the mindfulness of focusing on a single activity (DRIVING!), etc.

If you’re having trouble with this practice, notice which saboteurs are at play and if the Judge is leading the pack. Return to your PQs. Call in your Sage. And reach out! This is why coaching is so helpful! Sometimes we lose perspective or our practice falls by the wayside, and we just need a little extra support. Please remember that you’re not alone. You deserve support, now and always. 

I’m here for you, Friend!


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