A Practice


Posted July 16th, 2021

Many of us have something we refer back to as a ‘practice,’ a kind of scaffolding or guiding principle regardless of whether or not we stay consciously aware of it. This is the crux of magic.

Moment-by-moment awareness of where your brain goes, how your heart feels, what’s happening with your energy…this is a deep skill that we build through practice. When that practice is daily, we’re teaching ourselves the structures and connecting with what’s most important to us (whether we call that our compass, our core values, or other). When it’s intermittent, those structures and connections are held in our awareness so we can touch on them when we need to.

Sometimes we outgrow certain practices and need to bring in new ones. Sometimes we just lose touch with our practice and need to revisit it, but maybe in a different way.

It’s your Judge who tells you you’re not doing it right or ‘should’ be doing it differently. You know how to respond to this master saboteur. If you need some reinforcements, I’m here for you! You have totally got this.

What if the struggles, the challenges, even the feeling-off, were all essential, active elements of your practice? Today, use them as teachers. Without needing to do anything specific, meet all of your experiences with curiosity, like “What do you have to teach me about my practice?” 

What if your daily life, living it as you do, is your practice?


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