The Call


Posted October 24th, 2021

There are two magical elements I’d like to share, and while my natal Mercury in Scorpio means that I tend to communicate best in the shadows, I trust that those who would find value in the following, will.

1. On the other side of the Full Moon’s crescendo last Wednesday, we work with the waning Moon and move inward, allowing our energies to reset. This is a fluid process when we allow it to flow – sometimes, we inadvertently resist because we function in a culture of More that believes that bigger is better and humans should function like machines that never turn off. The ebbs and flows of our moods, our thoughts, our pain and pleasure all happen in a spiralic cycle. We surf the waves and know that “this, too, shall pass.”

That is not to say that we’re passive – oh no!! The inner journey teaches us that intentions require action. Without action, we’re stuck. Resilience elude us. Our energy fades and our light dims.

The time to take action may or may not occur during the waning Moon. This cycle teaches us to listen for that still, quiet voice within that knows when to move. 

This is how we build our personal power.

2. We’re now in Scorpio season, the Season of the Witch. This, coupled with the waning Moon, is a beautiful time to recommit to our Path. For me, the Path of the Witch is to meet fear with courage, align with the cycles of Nature, and trust in the guidance of the soul. Ultimately, the Path of the Witch is a reclamation of personal power-within, without which we’ll never be able to dismantle the outer systems of power-over and oppression. 

To walk this Path, we start by Letting Go. We commit to getting out of our own way, both surrendering what we think we should do/be/have and embracing who we are, right now. We don’t waste time agonizing over or tolerating anything that depletes our precious energy. The Letting Go phase brings us face to face with the actions we must take to align with our own true Nature.

This is how we build our personal power.

For today, turn inward and listen for the bold commitments you’re ready to make in the service of your highest good and greatest joy. Write them down. Share them out loud. Find your accountability partners. And prepare to let go of that which no longer serves. 

You, dear Witch, have been Called. 

How will you respond?


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