Tarot Tuesday – The World


Posted September 21st, 2021

This last day of Summer, 21 sept 21, is a great day to contemplate the gifts of The World, card 21 of the Major Arcana. The World indicates that a cycle has now come to a close but before we move on, we appreciate all the experiences, challenges, triumphs and simple daily moments that brought us to this point. Just as we see our sabotaging behaviors as great opportunities to strengthen our Sage muscles, we see our imperfection as a beautiful reflection of what it means to be in this one precious life.

And as we become conscious of our own limitations, we become free to accept them and free to express our true nature.

We are ready for a breakthrough.

Today, think of where you’ve been feeling stuck or limited. Consider the possibility that life happens For you, not To you. While considering your stuckness or limitation, go outside. Pay attention to what you notice in Nature and with fresh eyes, seek something you may not have seen before. Trust that everything you’ve learned and experienced has equipped you with whatever you need to get unstuck and that the answers are to be found in your deep and present participation with the natural world.

Prepare for a lovely emergence from limbo. I’ll meet you on the other side!


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