Happy Autumn Equinox!


Posted September 22nd, 2021

Today we celebrate Second Harvest (the first being at Lammas, August 2) and focus on gratitude. At this midpoint between the Summer and Winter Solstices, Light and Shadow find equilibrium and we appreciate what we’ve gathered and assess how it will fortify us on our journey inward.

This is a time of true Thanksgiving. How are your people, your experiences, your resources, and your own self-discovery all making your life rich and full? Today, express appreciation for the bounty in your life.

If you’ve been joining me in a regular solar (seasonal) and lunar (month) contemplative practice, you may be feeling this Equinox in your body. You might be noticing how your energy flows or doesn’t, how you ‘do’ your emotions, and how each feeling you feel has a distinct location in your beautiful human container. Notice the difference between gratitude and lack, burnout and rest. Observe yourself with deep self-compassion and non-judgment. Allow your inner Sage to guide you in this practice. With this level of granularity, we befriend ourselves and reconnect with our true nature.

Working with the solar and lunar cycles, we see ourselves in nature and nature in ourselves. In this reflection, we experience exquisite interdependence and know in our bones that how we steward the planet is a reflection of how we steward ourselves. When we cultivate practices like Moon journaling and the reverent observation of seasonal transitions, we become that much closer not only to the natural world but to our own essential nature.

*This* is Magic.

With gratitude for this moment in the lifelong magical Sun-inspired Moon-infused journey, and for the joy of sharing it with You, Happy Equinox!


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