Energy: Mental Fitness


Posted August 20th, 2021

What are you communicating through your energy? 

Think of an interaction with someone that you’d like to improve. How do you want them to feel? How do you want to shift their energy and emotions? 

Imagine you’re feeling that same energy as you communicate with them. Consider what creates that energy and emotion in you as you visualize yourself in the interaction with the other. Notice how they respond in kind.

As we build our mental fitness muscle, we pay attention to multiple channels. Our words are important, and being thoughtful and intentional about what we say is always a good idea. And. Our energy and the emotion behind our words are even more powerful!  

Today, notice what energy is being transmitted regardless of the words. What’s the impact? You can notice a lot by observing others, too. Just tuning in to the energy exchange will impact your effectiveness in relationships, persuasion, and communication. Bring your intention here and see what happens!

Interested in learning more about Mental Fitness? Check out this free overview on August 23 or September 20. Details here.

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