Mental Fitness and Your Spark


Posted October 27th, 2021

At its core, our Mental Fitness practice is about how we experience our energy, spark and vitality. Do we feel depleted or energized by life? Are we drawing forth our greatest gifts and strengths or do we have to slog through just to show up every day?

Today, set a timer for 9am, Noon and 5pm. At each interval, move away from the screen, step outside if you’re able, or at minimum, take a bathroom break. Do some PQ reps (aka sensory-specific mindfulness activities) of your choosing. For me, I place my hand on my chest and just notice the fluttery little beats of my heart (activating the sense of Touch).  

Ask yourself, “Where is my energy right now?” Notice: is it all up in your head, in thoughts? Is it mostly in your belly, maybe grumbling for a snack? Is it in your past? Your future? Just notice it.

Then add, “I call my energy back to me, right here, right now.”

Close with another PQ rep. Then move along about your day.

That’s it!

Don’t analyze, strategize or worry about your next steps. Today’s practice is just about gently reconnecting with your own spark. 


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